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Jaleshwar Municipality is situated at Central Development Region,Zanakpur Zone,Mahottari District Nepal, It is headquarter of Mahottari District as well. By merging seven rural settelement initially Jaleshwar was declared as Urban Panchayat in 2039 B.S Baisakh  As per the latest decision of Government of Nepal in 2071 B.S Mangsir Jaleshwar Municipality covers an area about 19.5 Sq.Km. ranging upto Parsha VDC towards East,upto ShugaBhawani,simdahi and Pigauna VDC towards West, Sitamadi district of neighbouring country India towards North and Fulhatta,parkauli and damhi VDC towards South. Municipality is divided ito 14 Wards. The place is famous for JaleshwarNath( god sitting under water) Mahadev temple. The place has got its name with respect to the Jaleshwarnath temple, The place is dependent on nearby city Janakpur and Sitamadi district of india for Commercial activities.